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The Ridge Rooms launches Meet Up Monday to tackle loneliness in Boston

The Ridge Rooms cafe in Boston is continuing its mission to tackle loneliness and social isolation in our town by launching Meet Up Mondays.

Following on from being the first café in Boston to join the Chatty Café scheme, Leanne and her small team at The Ridge Rooms café on Main Ridge West wanted to do even more to help reduce loneliness and get more people coming together, so they have joined the Meet Up Mondays’ network

Meet Up Mondays was first started at The Alexandra pub, Wimbledon by landlord Mick Dore who recognized that many people in his community where socially isolated and lonely, particularly on the weekend. By inviting people to join him at his pub on a Monday morning for a free cup of tea and a biscuit, it gave people something to look forward to and a positive start to the week. The scheme was developed by Ann Osborn director of the Rural Coffee Caravan in Suffolk and is now in venues across the county. Hearing of the scheme, Leanne and her team decided to bring it to Boston and be the first place in Lincolnshire to join the Meet Up Monday network.

Starting on Monday 3rd June and running every Monday between 10am and 12noon, people can come along to The Ridge Rooms, 1 Main Ridge West and enjoy a free cup of tea, or coffee, and some friendly company.

Joining the Meet Up Mondays’ network is just another example of how Leanne and her friendly staff bring people together. Earlier in the year The Ridge Rooms joined the Chatty Café scheme, they also hosted an Evening of Friendship of Food to bring people together and celebrate friendships old and new on Valentine’s Day and last Christmas they treated 40 of their regular customers, many of who would have spent the festive season alone, a free Christmas lunch.

Leanne said, “Weekends, particularly Sundays, can be particularly lonely for some people, especially if they have lost a loved one or do not have any family living nearby, by offering a friendly place to come on a Monday morning where they are guaranteed a warm welcome, we can give them something positive to look forward to and somewhere where they can hopefully meet new friends.”

To find out more about The Ridge Rooms and Meet Up Mondays, either pop into their café on 1 Main Ridge West (next door to the Masonic Hall) or visit their Facebook page:

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